The entrance to Ramen Alley

Nestled at the heart of Sapporo in the district of Susukino is the famous Ramen Alley. Like its name, Ramen Alley is a narrow alley lined with small shops selling this  popular Japanese noodle. To date, the small alley has 17 ramen shops and as Muslims, we are pleased to know that there are one shop that serves halal ramen dish.



The place is really small with a bar type eating area surrounding an open kitchen counter. The whole place could sit approximately 7 customers max. Upon ordering, we noticed that our chef prepares each dish separately. Since we are a party of seven, by the time the 7th ramen noodle dish is ready the rest of the team is almost done with theirs. Maybe this could be the secret behind the deliciousness of the dish.



Ramen Alley2



If you are ever in Sapporo and a ramen lover, do drop by this alley. It is easy to find, just look for the Susukino JR Station.




Ramen Alley

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  1. Kat says:

    Interesting…I would love to try out food at these narrow alleys, it’s so unique 🙂

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