Auto Crazy!


Our first auto experience in India is to die for… literally.

 For those of you who have no clue to what we are referring to, motorbike taxis or commonly known as ‘auto’ is a famous three-wheeler vehicle that is used mostly as a public transportation in India. It is similar to the ‘tut-tut’ in Thailand.

 If we were to describe an ‘auto’, it is a cross breed of a motorcycle and a trishaw. It’s steering handle is exactly like a motorcycle but you can sit 3 passengers comfortably at the back seat.


Honking in India is a must. On the road, you MUST honk… all the time. Not only do they honk to inform either they are overtaking or showing displease, but they also honk to say hello, excuse me, hurry up and even just to announce their presence.

 Our ‘auto’ ride was just 10 minutes, but we were biting our nails the whole way through. The non-stop honking is enough to give you a splitting headache (but we got used to it after 3 days).  When we are not praying for our lives, the auto ride can be quite an adventure.


If you are not an Indian, we highly advise you not to even try to drive in India.  Their road ethics are specially designed for them. As our auto driver expertly maneuver his auto in between small lanes, overtaking a lorry and a bus (at the same time)  and squeezing in between cars, bicycles as well as pedestrians… there are no better way to experience India than riding an auto.

You must.


  1. Naik bajaj, ke sakit kepala aja!

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