Cheena Vala

Cheena Valla 2

We’ve heard and read about these ‘chinese fishing nets’  but actually seeing one is quite a sight. First of all, we couldn’t actually comprehend why it is called ‘chinese’ fishing nets when it is in fact largely found in Kerala, India and  furthermore you can’t find them in China. According to the locals, legend has it that the chinese explorer, Zheng He introduced the nets in Kochi during the time of Kublai Khan. Also known as ‘Cheena Vala’, these nets are actually very big. It is about 10 meters in height and the net spread about 20 meters across the water.

Walking along the coastline of Fort Kochi, we could see there’s about 20 of these gigantic structures but as we tried to get on to the platform for a closer look, most of it are barricaded and locked…we guessed it is to avoid people like us trespassing… we found out that these structures are mostly private properties of the local fishermen…but then, a couple of hundred rupees seems to do the trick.

It was truly an amazing view and we can’t help but wonder how did they come up with the idea of  this huge contraption in the first place…


  1. seems like you had a great time in Kerala. nice clicks!

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