Happy Campers Picture of The Week – In The Great Backwaters of Kerala

HC Kerala Backwaters


This picture – of my niece Raja Kamilia, reading in the boat is one of my favourite. It was taken during one of the many boat rides we took while we were in the Great Backwaters of Kerala. After experiencing the boathouse and the passengers ferry, we decided to take the small boat so we can truly venture into the smaller canals and get a closer look at the villages and the people living in this self – sustaining community.

Blessed with 44 rivers and a network of lakes and canals that stretches over 1500 kms, the Great Backwaters of Kerala is undoubtedly a captivating miracle of nature unlike any other on this planet.


Kerala Tourism 3

Picture courtesy of Kerala Tourism


Kerala Tourism 2

Picture courtesy of Kerala Tourism


Kerala Tourism 1

Picture courtesy of Kerala Tourism


For more information on this fascinating water world please visit www.keralatourism.org, www.greatbackwaters.com


  1. Superb image… great colors and composition 🙂

    It’s really a water world 🙂

  2. Thanks Sreejith, we are happy you like the photo….we truly enjoyed our time in the backwaters..lots of things to do and see
    P.S…. missing the food 🙂

  3. joshi daniel says:

    really liked that photo 🙂

  4. +1 with Sreejith and Joshi! Very nice image! Where was that picture taken? Did you have accommodation anywhere close by?

  5. Thank you….this picture was taken in the backwaters of Alleypey, Kerala…you can find a lot of accommodation around the area…or you can charter a houseboat 🙂

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