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Sunset at Ashtamudi Lake


Traveling through Kerala taught us many things. We get to see their culture, eat their delicious food and definitely enjoy their beautiful landscapes.

However, our trip to Kerala would not have been complete without discovering the secrets of Ayurveda.


Thalapothicil Treatment – Application of medicated paste on head


Ayurveda is believed to have existed more than 5000 years ago and it is an ancient Indian medical system used for health care…. and lucky for us, Kerala is the home of Ayurveda.

The teachings of Ayurveda promotes it as a way of life. It is not merely a massage or a treatment or doing yoga. It is a whole body experience that covers your lifestyle, your diet as well as your soul practices.

Every single person we’ve met (and we’ve met quite a few!) that talks about Ayurveda are passionate about health and healing people.

It is all about keeping your system in balance.





Covering the head with banana leaf


The banana leaf is tied with a string to keep it neat and in place.


In Ayurveda, they use ‘dosha’ to best describe our body-mind types.There are 3 types of doshas – vatta, pitta & kapha. We were told that all of us have these tridoshas, but the quality of each of these doshas differs in each of us. The balance of these makes health and the imbalance can cause illness.



Netra Tarpanam – Treatment for the eyes



Pouring of medicated oil


In Ayurveda, they have treatments for almost all types of medical conditions. From the head,hair, eyes, nose, ears, skin and the whole body. Also, you don’t have to be ill to receive an Ayurveda treatment, they promote healthy living so you can enjoy Ayurveda with peace of mind.



Cleopatra Milk Bath



Application of medicated paste to the whole body



Chavuti Thirumal Treatment


We also learned that before each treatment, there will be consultation done by the doctors (to check for your dosha and your health history) but the treatments will be executed by the therapists. So don’t confuse your therapist for your doctor.

Having experienced many different types of Ayurveda treatments definitely leaves us hungry for more.


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