A little town called Sekinchan

Not far from Kuala Lumpur…about 1.5 hours drive up north… in the state of Selangor is a small town called Sekinchan. Known for its beautiful paddy fields, photographers from near and far will make their trip to Sekinchan to capture its picturesque landscape.

Picture taken from www.sekinchan.org


Picture taken from www.sekinchan.org

Should you plan to visit Sekinchan for its paddy fields, it is important for you to do a bit of research to avoid dissapointment, especially if you are expecting blue skies and green paddy fields.
At different time of the year, the paddy fields will give a different feel according to their growth cycle. Starting from March during the transplanting period, the paddy field will be green in colour. As the month progress its way to June, the paddy field will slowly change its colour to golden yellow ie ready for harvesting period.


Picture taken from www.sekinchan.org

The month of July and August is the rest period. Should you visit at this time, you will not be greeted by the beautiful green paddy fields… instead you will find the naked earth resting… getting ready for the transplanting period begginning in September and the cycle will continue.

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Besides being famous for its paddy fields, Sekinchan is also known as a fishing village. Located just a stone throw from the town is Bagan, the main fishing village in Sekinchan.



Bagan Fishing Village in Sekinchan

According to the locals, the fishing village will come alive when the fishermen returns to the port after a long day at sea. Only then you will see the fishing village comes to life.
Visiting Sekinchan is not complete without sampling its seafood cuisine. You can choose from the many seafood restaurants located around the fishing village which definitely promise fresh supplies of seawater fish, crabs, prawns, shrimps and shellfish.
Exploring Sekinchan, we found ourselves in front of a big tree drapped with red ribbons. It was truly an amazing sight. What we gathered from the community, the red ribbons represents wishes which was thrown to the big tree with hope their wish will be realized.
Sekinchan… a must for photography enthusiast.
Me in front of the big red tree!

Me in front of the big red tree!

For more information on Sekinchan visit www.sekinchan.org


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