If you haven’t considered going on a cruise for a holiday then we totally think you should give it a shot. In Malaysia, one of the most known cruise services available is the Star Cruises with its port of embarkation in Penang.

Us standing in front of Port Swettenham in Penang

Us standing in front of Port Swettenham in Penang


One of the Star Cruises vessel is the Super Star Libra which was acquired from the Norwegian Cruise Line. It was built in 1988, refurbished in 2005 and currently found its home here in Malaysia. It caters for short trips usually a 4 day 3 night trip to Thailand or you can opt for a one night cruise to nowhere.


The Super Star Libra has a capacity of 1510 passengers with a total of 740 cabins. It generally caters for Asian cruisers and has almost 800 crews to attend to all our whims and needs.


This is our room. It is the Oceanview Stateroom with porthole.

This is our room. It is the Oceanview Stateroom with porthole.


On the cruise we picked up some few sailing words in order to navigate ourselves around the ship. The ship has 9 decks…that’s what they call the levels or floors. The ship is generally divided into 3 parts. ‘Forward’ is the front part of the vessel, ‘Midship’ is the middle and ‘Aft’ is towards the back end of the vessel.


When standing facing the front of the vessel, port side will be on our left and starboard is on our right.

One of the most important and first agenda on the cruise is the Emergency Drill. We were given the ‘what-to-do-when-there-is-an-emergency’ drill. During the drill the whole facilities on the ship is on pause to make sure that all passengers participate during the drill.


Each life boat on board could fill 150 passengers.



There are 10 lifeboats on board the Super Star Libra.



As we sailed towards the open sea with our course set to Phuket, Thailand next on the agenda is the welcome aboard party which takes place on Deck 9. Here, we were introduced to the Captain of the ship and the atmosphere was truly festive. Since  Thailand was celebrating Songkran Festival at the time, our welcome aboard party was equally wet.




Meet the Captain!







On board the Super Star Libra, there are many facilities to make sure we have a good time. There are a number of restaurants and bars to choose from. On board entertainment includes a karaoke lounge, shows and casinos. For those who need to stick to their health regime, there is a jogging trail that allows you to jog around the deck and a fitness center.


Jogging trail on Deck 6



Breakfast with a view


One of the halal restaurant on board the Libra

One of the halal restaurant on board the Libra


During our cruise, the ship will dock twice, once in Phuket and Krabi respectively. As passengers, if you do not make any prior arrangements, there are many shore excursions prepared by Star Cruises for you to choose from. Just be mindful of the time you need to be back on the ship to make sure you don’t get left behind. However, should you prefer to spend your time on the ship, there are many activities on board.


The Shore Excursion counter on Deck 4



Our time on board the Super Star Libra went like a breeze. The food was endless, the view was breathtaking, the shows was entertaining and if you are looking for a stress free holiday where you can just lay around doing nothing with the wind blowing to your face… then a cruise is most probably what you need.


okay… this might not look like relaxing but we are definitely having fun!







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