Happy Campers Picture of The Week – Black Sand Beach



Pantai Pasir Hitam or Black Sand Beach is located about 4km from Kuah, the main town on the Island of Langkawi, Malaysia. With an active fishing community, the shoreline boasts of sand which isn’t completely black but a mixture of black sand and normal sand. Unlike other black sand beaches, the sand isn’t volcanic in nature. A rich concentration of stannous oxide was thought to be causing this.However, the exact reason behind the black soil has not been discovered yet.

Many local stories have been associated with this shimmering black sands. One of the famous folklore is the story of a killer whirpool of this waters, that prey on unsuspecting sailors and blackened the sands of this beach. Another famous folktale narrates of  a fisherman who received a wrath of a mermaid for stealing her ring. The mermaid cursed the land and the beach became black.

The beach retains its old world charm with its wooden fishing boats and a beautiful wooden jetty, made of coconut trunks.

For more information, visit www.naturallylangkawi.my, www.lada.gov.my



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