The Geoparks of Langkawi – The Ol’ Mighty Machincang

M 222

Mount Machincang


If we were asked, which of the 3 Geoforest Parks in Langkawi is the most interesting… honestly, we will not be able to choose. How could we?

Geologically… the Machincang Geoforest Park is considered the oldest rock formation compared to Kilim Karst and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. This 550 million years old rock formation is often mistaken as limestone when it is in fact made of sand stone.




Should you get the chance to charter a helicopter joy ride (as we managed to do.. thankfully), you will see that…. at this part of the island, there are hardly any beaches, as the rocky hills of Gunung (Mount) Machincang  borders the Andaman Sea. It is truly a beautiful sight.



Picture courtesy of Naturally Langkawi website


For those of you who does not mind heights, one of the best way to enjoy Mount Machincang is by getting on the cable car. The cable car ride is an adventure on its own and it can be quite eerie too. Occasionally, when the wind gets to strong, the cable car gondola will stop moving for a few minutes, until it is safe again to move.

For safety reasons, the cable car will not operate on bad weather ie heavy rain or presence of strong winds. So, if you plan to ride the cable car, we strongly suggest to call the cable car operators in advance to check if they are operational.



Picture courtesy of Naturally Langkawi website


The journey to the top takes about 20 minutes ( on good weather day… sometimes it can be longer if the gondola moves in a much slower pace). Once you reach to the top, you have to experience the SKY BRIDGE. Just by standing on the sky bridge you can enjoy the beautiful scenery Mount Machincang has to offer.

THe Sky Bridge - picture courtesy of Naturally Langkawi

The Sky Bridge – picture courtesy of Naturally Langkawi website


If you feel a bit adventurous, you can hike all the waaay down. We didn’t though. I think according to the guide, It should take a good 5 hour trekking.



Pebble Beach


Another interesting location around the Machincang Geoforest Park is the Pebble Beach. Here, instead of sand.. the beach is filled with pebbles of different shapes and sizes.  All carved in time by waves. Imagine the kind of pebbles used by landscape architects… you can find them all here.. just don’t bring them home.


This is me and Elaine Daly (One of Malaysia’s famous celebrity) – Behind us is Mount Machincang.


Sunset of the Andaman Sea

Sunset of the Andaman Sea


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