The Geoparks of Langkawi – The Tale of a Pregnant Maiden


Tasik Dayang Bunting or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden


Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park is one of the 3 geoforest parks in Langkawi Geopark,Malaysia. Among the 3 geoparks, we must say, Dayang Bunting has the most interesting story behind its name.

The word ‘Dayang Bunting’ means ‘the pregnant maiden’. From a certain angle, the undulating hills of the Dayang Bunting Island resembles a woman in child-bearing posture, who conceives after drinking from a lake in the southwestern part of the isle. Hence the locals name this island Pulau Dayang Bunting or The Island of the Pregnant Maiden.

There is a safe area for those who wish to swim in the lake. No one knows the exact depth of the lake.


There are stairs leading up to the lake from the island jetty and it took us about 20 minutes to reach the lake. Locals has it that those who has difficulties conceiving should drink from the lake…Β  making this place one of the most popular spot in Langkawi.


Aerial view of Dayang Bunting Lake. Observe the small wall that separates the saline lake water from the sea.


Besides its mystical history, the uniqueness of Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park lies in its beautiful marble, limestone which has undergone hundreds of years of transformation induced by heat and pressure. As we explore the area we could see many limestone marble islands of different shapes and sizes.



One of the many limestone islands in Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. At a certain angle, this island resembles a sunken ship.


DB 7777-2

This is Tepor Island. One of the many islands that is part of the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. Also the location of a dropstone that is said to be 1 billion years old.


One of the most interesting thing about Langkawi, that we are sure even most Malaysians are not aware of is that, on this Tepor Island, lies a 1 billion year old granite pebble dropstone. This dropstone is one of the important proof that shows Langkawi was once part of the Gondwana Supercontinent.

This means… based on the geological features of Langkawi, the island does not have the same origin as Peninsular Malaysia. Which means, some time during the movement of the continents millions of years ago, Langkawi must have detached from the Gondwana Supercontinent and make its way to where it is today. Cool huh? Who would have thought.

This is me with the 1 billion years old dropstone.

This is me with the 1 billion years old granite pebble dropstone.


The 1 billion year old dropstone.

The 1 billion year old granite pebble dropstone.


Not many locals are aware of this important findings. Should you be interested to locate it, we suggest for you to inquire at the Langkawi Geopark Department or we could help you get in touch with them.


Aerial View of Pulau Ular or Snake Island

Aerial View of Pulau Ular or Snake Island


Another interesting geosite to visit is Pulau Ular or Snake Island. Firstly, you won’t find snakes here. The island was named as such due to its geological features that produce a snake-like appearance if viewed from east to southeast.Β  Frankly, we couldn’t see it, but the island has a spectacular landscape, especially if you like rocks.


Spectacular landscape on Pulau Ular.

Spectacular landscape on Pulau Ular.


Here, you can see layers and layers of rocks of many different colours and textures. Some are so brittle, you can break it using your hands like biscuits.

According to our guide, maybe in the next hundred years, this island could cease to exists due to the continuous erosion by waves.

A must location for those who loves photography.


Raised ancient abrasion platform at Pulau Ular

Raised ancient abrasion platform at Pulau Ular


Abrasion Platform of Pulau Ular

Abrasion Platform of Pulau Ular


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  1. Very beautiful place and a wonderful history.

  2. Just stunning place… no more words requires πŸ™‚

    My last tour to Malaysia was really short and we could explore only in and around KL.

    Next time, I would not miss Langkawi for sure.

  3. Yes Sreejith, the rainy season is the off peak season…but there are some good things visiting the Island during the off peak. There are a lot lesser people and the prices for transportation and boat rides are a lot cheaper….accommodations too…and also if you are interested to see some waterfalls…there are two major waterfalls that you can go see…their drops would be big and spectacular only during rainy season… All of this are great….if you don’t mind the rain πŸ™‚

  4. Chris says:

    We went to the other Geoparks, we should have gone to this one too.

    • Maybe next time you’re in Langkawi. The sinkhole lake of Dayang Bunting is a must see…but try to go early or you’ll be fighting for a spot with hundreds of other people :)….the other thing is the 1 billion year old dropstone on Pulau Tepor…your wife Hitomi would be interested to know that it was actually discovered by the Japanese geologists….

  5. MRI says:

    Beautiful photos! I haven’t been to Langkawi since 2003, but not much has changed, it still looks so lovely.

  6. Thank you MRI, Langkawi is one of our favourite place in Malaysia. We do hope it’ll stay the same…its becoming more and more commercialize

  7. maverickbird says:

    Wow.I gave Langkawi a miss each time I visited Malaysia but after reading your post am definitely going there in my next trip in April.Thank you sharing the information.

  8. That’s great Svetlana, do let us know if need any other information about Langkawi πŸ™‚

  9. Maya Oryan says:

    Stunning pictures!!

  10. Strong_Believer says:

    This happened to us..yes we were trying to get pregnant for over 3 years and I got conceived the next month following our visit to this lake..yes I did drink the water from the lake..this is so amazing and unbelievable…

  11. Nice pictures of landscapes

  12. Heiko says:

    I lived on Langkawu for 5 years, long before it became a famous tourist destination. I really love this island and its people!

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