Happy Campers Picture of The Week – The Way of The Bow


Kyudo which literally means ‘the way of the bow’ is the Japanese art of archery that is centuries old. What was once used as a weapon by the Samurai during war, today Kyudo is practiced as a moving meditation whereby the archers learn to control their heart rate and breathing.

Much of the kyudo ceremony, the attire worn by the archers, and the ritual respect shown for the equipment and shooting place are derived from ancient Shinto practice.



  1. mytiturk says:

    Thanks for liking my post on Auschwitz. This Shinto post is fascinating!

  2. mytiturk says:

    It’s not a place I would have sought out, but was a part of our tour, very different from anything else, that encourages in me an ongoing and valuable reflection. Different people are affected differently: one said she could still smell death; a friend said he lost sleep for a few days afterward. thank you for reading. Not many have even tapped on “read on.”

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