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Branded Content

Branded Content

We work hard to bring you amazing stories that you love to share everyday and we often get supported by commercial brands to deliver you these stories.
However, we believe great stories deserves to be enjoyed uninterrupted. So instead of disrupting your viewing pleasure with advertisement, our partnerships with brands will be thoughtfully and transparently crafted into our content.
When a brand supports our story, we will make it obvious.
Branded content can be identified as follows:
For brands that supports our stories through sponsorships, we will have a caption that says ‘ This Walkabout Story is supported by…’ on each Facebook entry and other media and app
For brands that supports our stories through product integration or in-kind support system, we will provide a credit at the end of the video
For full branded content Walkabout Asia story, it will be marked with ‘ A Walkabout Asia Story made possible by…’
Our audience is our top priority. Should you have any suggestions to improve your branded content experience, please contact us.

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